School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Georgia Institute of Technology

 Atlanta, GA


PhD English, Emory University, May 2017
MA Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz, May 2011
BA English, San Jose State University, December 2008
BA Linguistics, San Jose State University, December 2008


“Killing Time on the Early Modern Stage: Tempo, Judgment, and the Art of Defense.”
Committee: Patricia Cahill (chair), Dalia Judovitz, Ross Knecht, and Sharon Strocchia.


Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship, Georgia Institute of Technology 2017-present

Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry Graduate Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Emory University 2016-2017



“‘Maister of al artificiall force and sleight’: Tempo and Dissimulation in Castiglione’s Book of the Courtier.” Italian Studies. 73.1 (2018): 1-13.

“Killing Time in Titus Andronicus: Timing, Rhetoric, and the Art of Defense.” Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies. 15.4 (2015): 52-80.

Performance Reviews

Much Ado About Nothing at The Atlanta Shakespeare Company.” Shakespeare Newsletter 66.2 (2017): 91-91.

“The Atlanta Shakespeare Company’s Comedy of Errors.” In the Glassy Margents, Shakespeare Newsletter, 2 July, 2017,

Other Professional Writing

Fundamentals of Italian Rapier Fencing: A Modern Manual for Teachers and Students of Historical Fencing, co-authored with David Coblentz. Staten Island: SKA Swordplay Books, 2018.


“Vapors, Puppets, and Tempo in Jonson’s Bartholomew Fair.” Renaissance Society of America conference. New Orleans, LA. March 2018.

“Cognition, Embodiment, and Temporality in Early Modern English Fencing Manuals.” Shakespeare Association of America: “Cognition in the Early Modern Period” seminar. Atlanta, GA. April 2017.

“The Courtier’s ‘trade of disporting’: Games, Tempo, and Dissimulation in Castiglione’s Book of the Courtier.” Renaissance Society of America conference. Chicago, IL. March 2017.

“‘Why, how long shall he live?’ Making Time for Murder in Arden of Faversham.” International Medieval Congress. Kalamazoo, MI. May 2016.

“Arden’s Plot: Space and Pace in Arden of Faversham. Shakespeare Assocation of America: “Arden of Faversham: Performance, Authorship, Gender, and History” seminar. Atlanta, GA. April 2016.

“Writing, Making, Thinking: Materialist Philosophy and the Maker Movement in the Composition Classroom.” Pedagogy, Practice, and Philosophy. Gainesville, FL. January 2016.

“Knowing Touches in The Comedy of Errors.” Shakespeare Association of America: “New Histories of Embodiment” seminar. Vancouver, CA. April 2015.

“Governe Thy Weapon and Also Thy Selfe”: Fencing and Belief in the English Renaissance.” Bodies of Belief: Somaesthetics of Faith and Protest conference. Boca Raton, FL January 2015.

“Teaching Timing in Titus Andronicus: Kairos in Drama, Rhetoric, and the Science of Defense.” Hudson Strode Graduate conference: Tuscaloosa, AL. April 2014.

“Time, Touch, and Tactics: Knowledge Production in Early Modern Fencing Manuals.” Making Knowledge in Medieval and Early Modern Culture conference. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and King’s College. Chapel Hill, NC. April 2014.

“Between the Before and the After: Time, Touch, and Tactics in Early Modern Fencing Manuals.” SAMLA 85 (South Atlantic Modern Language Association) conference. Atlanta, GA. November 2013.

“Italy’s Impact on England’s Identity: The ‘Strange Vices and Devices’ of Italian Fencers.” Northern California Renaissance Conference. San Jose State University, San Jose CA. May, 2009.


Prize for Best Graduate Student Essay, Emory University, Department of English – awarded for “Twins in a Pinch: Pedagogy, Temporality, and Subjectivity in The Comedy of Errors,” 2014

Laney Graduate School Arts and Science Fellowship, Emory University, 2011-2016

Graduate Fellowship, Emory University, 2011-2016

Graduate Program Committee Summer Fellowship, UC Santa Cruz, 2011


Georgia Tech

Renaissances: Disney Princesses and the Danish Prince (Composition II, Honors), fall 2018
Defending Society (Composition II), spring 2018
Hobby Histories (Composition I), fall 2017

Emory University

Shakespeare and Games, spring 2016
Bad Influences (Composition II), spring 2014
Hobbies and the Self: From Greeks to Geeks (Composition I), fall 2013.

Pedagogical Training

Digital Pedagogy (Postdoctoral Seminar), 2017
Pedagogy of Literature, 2014
Teaching of Composition, 2013
Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity program (TATTO) Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Emory University, 2011
Provost-at-Arms certification with a concentration in historical fencing, Sonoma State University, 2017.


Georgia Tech

Chair of the Grant Writing Committee, Georgia Tech Writing and Communication Program, 2018-present

Hiring Committee, Georgia Tech Writing and Communication Program, 2018

Emory University

President of Emory University’s Early Modern and Medieval Colloquium: Organized the interdisciplinary Early Modern Symposium series of three events as well as social events and meetings, 2013-2015

President of Emory University’s Early Modern English Reading Group, 2012-2013

Emory University’s Brown Bag Committee co-chair: organized four professionalization events for graduate students in the English department: brought in outside speakers using funds obtained through departmental and extra-departmental grants, 2012-2013


Renaissance Italian: Reading knowledge
Italian: Intermediate reading and speaking knowledge


Modern Language Association
Renaissance Society of America
Shakespeare Association of America


Patricia Cahill

Associate Professor of English
Department of English
Emory University
N-302 Callaway Center
Atlanta, GA 30322


Andy Frazee

Associate Director of Writing and Communication
School of Literature, Media, and Communication
Georgia Tech
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Sharon Strocchia

Professor of History
Department of History
Emory University
Bowden 328
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