What feedback can you offer your peer review partners on the following questions?

Rhetorical Awareness

Do they answer all the aspects of the prompt?

Does their work fit the definition of a fairytale?

Is the fairytale complete?

Does the tone feel appropriate to the assignment’s rhetorical situation?

Stance and Development of Ideas

Can you tell what virtues the story is attempting to teach?

Is the fairytale entertaining as well as educational?

Does the critical introduction discuss the work objectively, from the standpoint of a (fictional) third party?

Do the introduction and footnotes include information that help the audience better understand and appreciate the fairytale?


Does the order in which the fairytale is told feel logical?

Are images placed in confusing ways?

Does the author footnote in appropriate places (i.e. the first time a word or idea is introduced rather than the second or third)?

Is there a beginning, middle, and an end?

Design for Medium and Conventions

Does the physical form of your partner’s book (or their specs for the book) extend and complement the book’s content?

Do the verbal and visual elements of the fairytale combine into a mutually supporting, coherent whole?

Are there errors in conventions such as typos, grammar, or spelling?


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