My work as a fencing teacher is informed by a long Italo-American tradition in foil, saber, and epee. I certified in 2009 as a foil instructor through the Santa Clara Adult Ed Certificate Program (formerly the San Jose State Fencing Masters Program). In 2017, I earned a Provost at Arms certification in all three weapons, with a historical concentration in Italian rapier, through Sonoma State University’s Fencing Certificate Program. I received my Master at Arms certification through the same program in 2019.

My most recent work has been within the historical fencing movement, where I am particularly interested in curriculum development. I’ve published on this topic in a 2018 training manual, Fundamentals of Italian Rapier: A Modern Manual for Teachers and Students of Historical Fencing.  I also support historical fencing instructors through the Rapier and Saber Pedagogy retreat (RASP). I co-organize RASP as a venue to build community, share knowledge, and give instructors an opportunity for intensive fencing pedagogy study.

I run the rapier program at the Atlanta Historical Fencing Academy  with David Coblentz, where we offer weekly classes for adult learners in Italian rapier fencing. I also teach weekend seminars, and have taught and co-taught with David Coblentz classes at events such as Rapier in the Rockies (2018), Riposte Harlem (2017), the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium (2019 and 2020) and the Rapier and Saber Pedagogy retreat (2018-2021), and Sonoma State University’s Fencing Master’s Certificate Program‘s summer intensive sessions.

To hear more about my take on the historical fencing movement, fencing curriculum development, and digital pedagogy, you can listen this episode of The Sword Guy podcast. To learn more about my seminar teaching or to invite me to teach at your event, feel free to reach out via Facebook or email (my name + gmail dot com).