To ensure that you meet the assignment’s assessment criteria, plan a focus group on your project. Ask the focus group questions that will help you make sure your project does the following things:

  • Meets group work plan expectations
  • Includes high-quality marketing materials that appeal to an audience who might use the product
  • Has an impact/is useful to people outside of the class
  • Is original
  • Has polished, organized, and comprehensive documentation
  • Is complete
  • Is user-friendly

Focus Group Planning:

  1. Who will be the moderator and assistant moderator?
  2. Decide on some open-ended questions. Avoid questions that can be answered by a “yes” or “no” or that lead the focus group in a specific direction (i.e. by asking “how satisfied” or “to what extent”). Examples of open-ended questions include:
    – How and when do you use ____
    – Tell me about positive experiences or disappointments you’ve had with ____
    – Of the things we’ve talked about, what is most important to you?
  3. Make up your audience – how would you select a focus group? Who would be ideal, who would work?

Email me the document you write as you go through the three steps above. Please also include a list of group members who are not moderating, including their preferences (if any) for the focus group they would like to be in.

Examples of focus group questions are drawn from this document, which contains other helpful tips as well:


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