Paper Checklist:

  1. Did you answer all aspects of the prompt? This most obviously means answering all the questions of the prompt, but also includes submitting it in the right format and attaching the correct documentation to the submission.
  2. Do you have a clear sense of your audience? Are you persuading a specific audience?
  3. Do you say both what your argument is and why it matters?
  4. Do you use evidence to support your argument? Evidence can be quotations from a literary text, facts and figures, or other methods of shoring up credibility.
  5. After you give evidence, do you spend time in analysis?
  6. Do you move between your pieces of evidence and pieces of argument with logical transitions? Are you sure your reader understands why it makes sense to have one sentence follow another? One paragraph follow another?
  7. Does each paragraph sync with the paragraphs before and also offer something new? Do you avoid repetitive listing of examples that say the same thing?
  8. Do you follow the norms for MLA formatting? This includes the title of your paper and the layout of the first page; page numbering; paragraph indentation; spacing between lines and paragraphs; in-text citations; works cited lists
  9. Do you make sure that your paper is free from grammatical errors, typos, and spelling errors? This includes tense agreement mismatches, punctuation mistakes (especially regarding commas and quotation marks), and capitalization errors.
  10. Does your paper look like an academic paper? Does it match the expectations of the genre? Is there anything distracting about its layout? For instance, do you put your title in bold rather than leaving it in a matching typeface with the rest of your paper? Are your fonts different? Are your font sizes consistent?


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