• Who will be the project manager in charge of deadlines, reminders, meeting scheduling, etc?
  • What will be your protocol for communicating? Will you use email, text, Facebook? How long should group members have to respond?
  • How will you share your in-process work and keep your drafts organized? On Google Drive? Dropbox? What conventions will you use for naming the files and keeping the drafts separate? (i.e. Project103017)
  • What kinds of expertise does your project call for? How will you make sure everyone does their fair share of work?


For Friday:

  • Consult your schedule. Look for potential meeting times and conflicts. Make sure you are not committing to delivering your work at a time when you have too much other work due
  • Come to the meeting with ideas about the scope of the project. How long do you think it will take? What should be included? When should each phase of the project be complete?
  • A suggestion for what the rough draft of the project will be
  • 1-2 different roles you could assume. What will you be responsible for?
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