Peer Review Guidelines for Paper 1 


1. Read the paper in full one time without stopping to ask for clarification. Respond as a reader in the author’s target audience (not as if you were going to grade it). This means that you might: 

  • Note where you had to reread a sentence (this often means the sentence is worded in a confusing way) 
  • Note elements of the paper that seemed distracting to you as you were trying to follow the author’s main point and decide whether or not you agree with it  
  • Note sentences and paragraphs that seemed especially convincing to you as key moments where the argument comes through most persuasively and clearly. 

 2. Highlight or underline what you take to be the author’s: 

  • Identification of historical, formal, and ethical components 
  • Discussion of the genre, audience, and medium of communication 
  • Claim about how Ellis and Auerbach establish credibility 
  • Claim about how Ellis and Auerbach make a case for the timeliness of their work 
  • Claim about how Ellis and Auerbach engage the audience’s reason 
  • Claim about how Ellis and Auerbach engage the audience’s emotion 
  • Discussion of why Ellis and Auerbach engage in their analyses. 

 3. Offer feedback to the author.  

  • Ask them what key choices they made (i.e. evidence used, assumptions about audience) 
  •  Offer suggestions for improvement, especially related to genre, purpose, medium of communication, development of ideas, and organization


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