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Courses Taught: Georgia Tech

Defending Society

image of three puritans holding books with captions of god, of man, of the devil
In this English 1102 (Composition II) class, students explored controversies around the perceived dangers of fictional texts from Sidney’s Defense of Poesy to Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Students developed their research and multimodal communication skills through papers, video essays, presentations, and a final group web project.

Hobby Histories

In this English 1101 (Composition 1) class, students explored the history of serious leisure and honed their multimodal communication skills through papers, presentations, video essays, and a final hobby resource project.

At Emory University

Hobbies and the Self: From Greeks to Geeks renaissance tennis

In this English 101 expository writing class, students explored themes of selfhood and desire via traditional research papers, presentations, and web projects.

Bad Influencesmonstor book

In this English 181 expository writing class, students used visually-driven presentations, web composition, and researched works of literary analysis to explore questions of censorship and influence.

Shakespeare and Games

Arden Frontispiece

In English 210W, a writing intensive “Major Authors” course, students reflect upon the formal and thematic characteristics of Renaissance pastimes in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.