You may choose from the following prompts for Paper 2.

Prompt 1

Compare and contrast Castiglione’s courtier in The Book of the Courtier and the values proposed by Machiavelli in Art of War with the values, ideals, and conduct of professional military members in the United States Military. Focus on the concepts of honor, national identity, and selfhood

Minimal evidence: Materials by and/or about the US Military substantiating your claims about the institution’s values, ideals, and conduct. Quotations from Book of the Courtier and Art of War

Prompt 2

How does the concept of Fortune interact with that of ethics and/or honor in Book of the Courtier and Art of War? (How) is it different from today’s concept of “bad luck”? What does this difference reveal about Renaissance and modern understandings of responsibility?

Minimal evidence: Quotations from The Book of the Courtier and The Art of War relating to Fortune. References to modern-day sources about bad luck.

Prompt 3

In The Book of the Courtier, Castiglione discusses the qualities and traits of the ideal courtier. Meanwhile, in Art of War, Machiavelli provides more emphasis on the ideal soldier or captain. In what ways does each writer utilize rhetorical strategies to put into perspective each occupational lifestyle? How does each side reflect the values of honor and personal identity? How does the courtier’s representation of the “Pen” intertwine with the soldier’s representation of the “Sword”? In what ways are the two different?

Minimal evidence: Quotations from Book of the Courtier and Art of War

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