• Put a few keywords in the first paragraph that relate to the skill you are arguing improved. For example, if you are arguing that you got better at making improvements across multiple drafts in response to feedback, use a keyword like “process” in the first paragraph and then repeat it throughout.
  • Try to avoid lengthy descriptions. Instead, describe something on your way to something else. For example, instead of “I read Gosson and Castiglione on leisure” you could say “reading Gosson and Castiglione on leisure helped me improve x skill or y content knowledge area”
  • Re-read your last paragraph. It’s probably better than your first one. Move the best parts of it to the beginning to set up your overall argument.
  • Avoid a strictly chronological structure unless you use transitions to say why you move from step to step. For example, not “first I wrote paper 1, then I made a video essay” but rather “paper 1 brought to my attention x problem/strength in my communication strategy which I addressed in y way in my video essay”


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